All About Collette

Collette Carmon comes from humble beginnings.

Born to a struggling Mexican immigrant and young mother; Collette began her life’s journey in East Dallas and spent many of her years traveling between East Dallas and South Side Oklahoma City (where she was raised). A lot of her young life was spent in survival and trauma; books were her salvation. An escape she fell into with rapture.

Collette was a teen mother, twice, and spent her youth raising two of her favorite people (both of whom she honors in her pseudonym) with the love of her life. Collette will tell you love doesn’t come easy for her, but she fought hard for what she has.

No one thought Collette would rise out of her circumstances, but she’s glad to disappoint other’s expectations. Collette is an advocate of ending poverty, ending childhood hunger, healing trauma, giving more opportunities to black and brown communities, and protecting LGBTQ+ kids (among many other things). Her favorite F-word, besides the obvious one, is Feminism (intersectional feminism at that). When you meet her, Collette will tell you she’s in a constant state of learning. Collette always aims to be teachable because so many wrote her off as a lost cause, and she believes power lies in education.

Collette is a multi-award winning author who aims to give people an escape through her fiction.

“So many authors saved me. I won’t be presumptuous and say I will save someone, but if I can take them out of their reality—for a moment—that’s enough for me.”